Sunday, February 28, 2010

QOTW - February 28

Q: How do you cure "scrapper's block"?

DT answers:

Allison: Whenever I experience scrapper's block I know that's the time for me to take a break. I'll either take a break from scrapping all together or work on another project. If I come back to what I was previously working on an am still not feeling it I'll try switching out the papers or even the photos. That usually does the trick!

Brittney: Online galleries and blogs for sure! There are so many talented ladies out there, and I find them definitely inspiring!

Courtney: I haven't really experienced this yet, but once I do, I'll probably look around at galleries for inspiration or blogs. I might even look around my room for inspiration as well.

Jamie: Working from a sketch, flipping through mags and browsing through the galleries at 2Ps always help me with my scrappers block!

Jen: ewww this always seems to hit me when i really want to get projects done....I look throught he gallery and magazines and just start with a scraplift that i want to do. The usually gets my creative juices flowing and i start doing my own stuff next.

Michele: I hate scrapper's block! I look at the 2Peas gallery or browse through my idea books. I recently updated my "scrap library" and I love looking through the books for inspiration!

Monica: ugh, scrapper's block! I usually will look through magazines or online galleries until I get some fresh ideas and the desire to scrap. Then I will look for some pictures that I feel inspired to scrapbook.

Rachel: I keep sketching my ideas, blog surf, and take some time off. Sometimes I feel that the harder I try to 'cure' nomojoitis, the worse it gets.

Shannon: I try not to force it. I take a break from scrapping and let my mind rest. When I'm ready to jump back in I look at products I have, online galleries, magazines and especially sketches. Sketches seem to work best for me.

Stephanie (Steph): Blogs, galleries, and music are surefire ways to cure my scrapper's block!

Teri: Scrapper's block is the worst! I usually print new pictures or shop for something new when my creativity isn't flowing. Usually fresh pictures will do the trick!

We'd love to hear what you do to cure scrapper's block!

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  1. I'm at a scrappers block right now! I've put it aside and focused on making cards, instead, until I feel the "urge" again. Hopefully it will return soon. :)