Sunday, February 14, 2010

QOTW - February 14th

Happy Valentine's Day!

Q: Do you start with photos, paper, or layout design first when creating a layout?

DT Answers:

Allison: I start with my photos first. I pick the one I want to scrap and then go through my paper, pulling out which pieces I like best at the time. I don't try and match the colors in the photos to the colors in the paper because I'm usually using black & white pictures.

Courtney: I usually start with photos, then try and find paper, and then the layout design comes last.

Jen: Hmm this changes all the time...if I have been asked to do DT work of some paper at our LSS then I start with the paper. When I do challenges it changes where I start...When I am doing something for myself I find an inspiration piece, then pick the photos...then the paper etc.

Kate: Well the first step for me is usually figuring out what I want my layout to be about. Sometimes I write the journaling down in my idea notebook before I do anything else. Then I choose a few photos I'd like to use, then sketch out a layout that uses all or most of those photos. Even though I love patterned paper, picking out the materials to use is usually the last step in my process.

Leigh: This varies. As a chronological scrapper, 90% of the time I choose photos first, then supplies, as I know what layouts I want to do. But when I have new, latest & greatest product, I’m chomping at the bit to use it! Then I will pick the pictures to match the products.

Michele: I usually start with photos, then paper, and then layout! Occasionally, I will see a paper that I want to use and I will try to think of a picture that will go well with it.

Monica: I usually start with photos, look for a design, and then pick my paper! If I am working on a sketch, though, I start with the design, pick photos, and go from there. Or sometimes I will buy new patterned paper that I just have to use and I will pick photos & a design to go with it!

Rachel: I usually start by sketching out ideas. I'm constantly sketching! Then I select my pictures and try to find papers in my stash that match, but I've been known to get pretty paper and then take pictures to match the paper.

Shannon: I usually start with a sketch or some other source of inspiration. After that I pick my photos. Then I pick my materials. It's rare that I start with photos anymore, but that is how I used to scrap. Funny how our styles change, isn't it?

Stephanie (Steph): I normally start with photos. Once I have my photos picked out I will pick out papers that go with it, and then find a layout. Sometimes I even come up with my own sketch for a layout.

Teri: I start by narrowing down my pictures. I can be snap happy, and I usually take way too many pictures. After I choose my pictures, I pick the matching paper. Then I choose a sketch to follow.

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  1. It totally depends on my mood and inspiration. More often than not, I'll start with the photos. But if I'm itching to use new products, I'll look for photos to scrap instead.

  2. I usually pick photos first and then find a layout or sketch...then I pick paper. But I usually have an idea of the colors I feel like using before I pick my photos or layout so that I don't change the whole project halfway through.