Monday, February 15, 2010

Last of the inspiration for AAM February 11!

Here are the last of the design team layouts for the "10 Things About Me" challenge. Don't forget that you have until Wednesday by 11:59PM to submit your project to Mr. Linky in the February 11 post to get an entry into the prize drawing at the end of the month!
Michele "Me!"

Allison Romero "Guilty Pleasures"

Leigh Morris "Me in 10"

Jen Parker "Why I Love Hong Kong"
1) Luke and Pepper live here 2) views like this ( photo of HK skyline) 3) gateway to the rest of Asia 4)Bubble tea! (photo of bubble tea) 5)never far from peace and beauty (photo of our camping trip) 6)Low taxes! 7)freshest seafood (photo of seafood being sold right off the boat) 8) never a dull moment 9)the button, ribbon, and bead markets (photo of ribbon market) 10) small city that has everything, beaches, mountains, & great food!

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  1. Oh wow - I am LOVING that "Guilty Pleasures" layout! Awesomeness!